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Meditation is one of the fastest methods for finding inner peace and is fundamental to much of the work we do. There are many types of meditation but for those of us living a normal busy lifestyle, the simplest are usually the most effective. Details of our new online meditation course are available here.

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T’ai chi

To support personal evolution and spiritual growth, it is important to be able to hear ideas, join in discussions, to meditate and meet with like-minded people. Our courses and meditation classes provide the opportunity to do just that. More details.

We also provide Introduction to Meditation sessions to interested groups. Please email us for more information.

You can view or subscribe to Andrew’s regular articles at his blog: The Zen Diarist.

He has also written three books:

The Great Little Book of Happiness

provides a wealth of information on creating a happier life.

Awakening Heart - The Blissful Path to Self Realisation

demonstrates how we can find bliss in everyday life by following the path of the heart.

The Art of Not Doing - How to Achieve Inner Peace and a Clear Mind, was published in 2013.

For more information, visit The Zen Diarist.

Archived articles are to be found at

T’ai chi chuan, usually shortened to just t’ai chi or taiji, is well known as a method of exercise that is beneficial for both body and mind. It is more than an exercise system, however, and has its origins in martial arts.

We run a regular class at Colton, near Rugeley, in Yang style t’ai chi and qigong. For more information, including demonstration videos, visit our t’ai chi website Andrew also teaches  Sun style t’ai chi and qigong at Rosliston Forestry Centre, South Derbyshire.

Discussion forum

Not everyone can attend our courses, so just getting off the ground is our on-line forum, which we hope will evolve into a very useful asset. To join in, there is a simple registration process. To find out more, go to the forum page.


Details of occasional workshops we run are sent out in an occasional newsletter. For articles, visit The Zen Diarist.

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